Some serious "When" considerations for the "For Sale By Owner".

"When" you sell your home is a major factor in maximizing your profits and reducing how long your home "sits on the market". Time can be your friend or your biggest enemy.

It would be a serious mistake to decide one day to sell your home yourself and then put a “For Sale by Owner” sign in the yard the next.

As you will soon find out from this site there is a vast assortment of questions that need to be answered and chores that need to be accomplished before you can offer your home to the herds of buyers waiting to pounce on it.

You must first have a plan as to what you will do and how you will do it.

Once you have a "pre-sale preparation plan" you will be able to look at it and determine how long it will take you to accomplish all the things necessary before you are ready to have prospective buyers touring your home. Then, and only then, will you be able to set a time as to “when” you will be able to offer your home to the market.

Seasonal "Timing" is another “When” consideration that should be weighed before you set your offer date.

Here I’m referring to the actual time of the year. Do you need to consider the time of the year?

- Can you get a better price in the Spring or Summer, when the kids are out of school and people are on the move?

- Will you possibly get more traffic in the fall, when the beautiful colors add to your homes’ curb appeal?

- Perhaps winter can increase the buying desire for your home if it’s located in a warm southern climate.

It is important that you give these and other "time of the year" considerations some thought "when" you decide to sell your home. After all, you are going to be committing a lot of your time to the selling process. Ideally that is best spent when the market is ripe with buyers.

One other “when”, concerning timing is - circumstances.

Are there certain "circumstances" around your decision to sell your home that preclude the other considerations above? Some examples might be:

- Have you contracted for a new house and need to sell the one you are in?

- Did you just find out that you have twins on the way, and more bedrooms are a must?

- Did your boss inform you’ve been promoted to regional manager on the other coast?

These factors, and other similar ones can trump your other timing reasons and dictate your “when” to: “as soon as possible”.

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