What are you selling? A house or a home?

Real estate agents and Builders sell houses, you are selling a HOME!

The many years of love and care that you invested in your house has paid the dividends of turning it into a Home.

Your domain.

Your castle.

Your retreat from the world.

Your island of solstice.

Your place of family gatherings and fond memories.

You get the picture. For all kinds of reasons, selling a home sounds much, much better than selling a house.

One is warm and fuzzy!

The other is cold and impersonal.

Your home has intangibles that a house will never have.

You should always remember that you are selling those intangibles, your home, not a house.

Also . . . "What" you are selling is yourself.

You are trying to convince your prospective buyer that you are the type of person that takes extra care of the important things around your home. That attention to detail is your strong suit, and honesty and integrity are a given. That they can rest assured that if they buy your home there will be no surprises after the close.

If you follow the suggestions given in “For Sale By Owner . . . Plus” your prospect can’t help but get that feeling.

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