Home Selling


The “For Sale by Owner” must be focused.

Home selling, though rewarding, creates stress, robs you of time and can be frustrating. You are dealing with probably the largest single economic business decision of your life. The vast majority of individual wealth in this country is tied up in real estate.

However, if you use the “For Sale by Owner” techniques described on this website, you will lower your stress, save time, and improve the profit from your real estate transaction. Your goal is not only to save money (agent commission costs), but to make money.

Which of these 5 Ps do you want to be?

- Poor planning produces pitiful product

- Prudent planning provides perfect product

The 5 W’s of Real Estate described here will help you become a successful and profitable “For Sale By Owner”

The 5 W’s. You’ve heard them before:

But, for the FSBO they mean a little something different. Let’s look at them and see how they apply to setting your focus in the right direction, and keeping it there.

1) WHO?

As a “For Sale by Owner” seller the focus is - you!

2) What?

What are you selling? A house or a HOME?

3) Why?

Two very important “whys” for the "For Sale by Owner"

4) When?

"When" considerations for the "For Sale By Owner"

5) Where?

Two important "Wheres" for the "For Sale By Owner"