"For Sale By Owner" Real Estate Guide to a More Profitable and Successful Home Sale

"For Sale by Owner" Home Selling can save you time and lots of money. . . if you do it right!

This method of home selling is just one of three popular types of selling Real Estate. Full service and Discount Brokerage are the other two ways to sell real estate. However, these involve the use of a real estate agent.

This site is dedicated to the education of the
“For Sale By Owner” home seller.

The "For Sale By Owner" method of home selling can be a delightful and lucrative pleasure; or it can be your worst nightmare. To make the endeavor go smoothly and with less stress it is extremely important for Home Sellers to educate themselves to all the Ins and Outs of the home selling procedure. After going through this site you will be able to make informed and prudent decisions about “For Sale By Owner” versus the use of a real estate agents and their services.

For Sale By Owner . . . Plus, is the definitive FREE real estate Home selling information guide on the internet. When used properly it will enhance your home selling abilities and make you competitive with your local real estate community.

For Sale By Owner . . . Plus doesn’t want to list, sell or buy your home.

It is written and posted on the internet by a former real estate agent whose motive is to aid YOU, the For Sale By Owner, in becoming a better home seller, and possibly a better home buyer.

In “For Sale By Owner . . . Plus” you will find, not only tips and advice for home selling, but also all the necessary tools and information to put together a successful and timely home selling experience.


What to do? What to do!!!

Which came first the chicken or the egg?

Home selling presents the same dilemma. What to do first.

Once you put the sign in the yard, you had better be prepared to sell real estate!

For Sale By Owner . . . Plus, if you want it to, will lead and guide you every step of the way in your real estate experience. There are a myriad of details you will need to accomplish. Some will have to be done simultaneously and others will be step by step.

When you use this guide you will know - What to do, and when!

For Sale By Owner . . . Plus is broken into six vital parts. Each part is connected to the other five real estate concerns. Some will be simple and automatic. Others will take more of your time and thought process. This site starts with the basics and builds upon them.

Let’s get started.

FSBO Home Selling Focus
How to focus on Home selling. The Who, What, Where, When and Why of Selling your Home.
Home Preparation. . . A FSBO Guide to Putting some SIZZLE in Your Home
To sell your home at Your Price and in a timely manner, proper Home Preparation is critical. Here are some great tips on getting organized and saving time.
Real Estate Pricing
To the FSBO pricing is critical. To high - buyers stay away. To low - you lose profit. Nationally FSBO's under sell their homes by 15%. How YOU can avoid under pricing your home.
For Sale By Owner Marketing Techniques
Seven essential home marketing tools all For Sale By Owners should know.
Real Estate Agents . . .Your nemesis or ally, the choice is yours.
Recruiting Real Estate agents to sell your home for litlle or no costs.